Liz Fuller Makeup Artist
Liz Fuller Makeup Artist-Boston & Beyond


Liz Fuller

I started my makeup artistry business in 2010, when I was at a crossroads about life/career.  I had always loved makeup, but never considered it as a "real job".  I had no formal training, no kit, no clients.  I honestly had no idea how I could incorporate makeup artistry into my life aside from it being a hobby.  I decided to go for it!  I put together a basic kit, I put up flyers, I created a web site (by myself!), I offered to do makeovers for free, and donated my services to every charity event.  I just wanted to get my name out there. Fast-forward to today.  My business is a total success!  I have more jobs than I know what to do with! I work for NBC Universal, on top of my own freelance business.  And I LOVE every second of it!  From headshots to fashion shoots, weddings to television, I am living out my dream!